Post-Trial Motions and Oppositions in Los Angeles

Even though most lawsuits will be resolved before trial, many clients proceed to appeal the verdict of their case in a higher court or find themselves defending their judgment.

Winning a civil appeal in California can change your life in innumerable ways, but the process is complex and begins long before most trial lawyers realize.

Often this process requires professional assistance from skillful Los Angeles appellate counsel who can help craft and respond to post-trial motions and oppositions. In fact, winning an appeal may sometimes turn on what was included in — or omitted from — a post-trial motion.

Appellate lawyers should forcefully fight for their clients’ rights by protecting them at each stage of litigation, including post-trial, prior to an appeal. Gusdorff Law is your trusted partner in Los Angeles, California for all of your appellate litigation needs.

Gusdorff Law specializes in both state and federal appellate litigation throughout California. Janet Gusdorff, founder of Gusdorff Law, is an appellate law specialist certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization.

The firm has been exclusively handling writs and appeals since 2006.

We are committed to helping their clients hold onto their hard-fought judgments and challenge unfair adverse judgments. Our approach to each case is tailored to fit each client’s unique needs since we always believe that no two cases are the same.

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What Are the Most Common Types of Post-Trial Motions?

There are different types of pretrial and post-trial motions in California. To of the most common types of post-trial motions in California include:

Motion for a New Trial

You may have had your “day in court,” but certain irregularities or legal errors in your trial may have deprived you from obtaining the justice you deserve. This motion, if successful, allows the trial judge to vacate the judgment or verdict so you can have a new, fair trial.

Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict (JNOV)

Sometimes the jury’s verdict seems like it came out of left field. Maybe the jury failed to understand the significance of certain testimony, but the judge overseeing your case understands it differently.

The JNOV allows the trial judge to step into the shoes of a “13th juror,” and, under certain conditions, change the judgment.

After the jury has made a decision in a civil case, your fight for justice isn’t over. You should hire the best appellate litigation lawyer in Los Angeles to ensure your post-trial motions or oppositions set you up for success on appeal.


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Why Should I Hire Gusdorff law to Draft Post-Trial Motions and Oppositions?

The lawyer you choose can have a huge impact on the likelihood of your success in your post-trial motion process. Gusdorff Law is an award-winning appellate litigation law firm operating in Los Angeles. Here is why you need to hire us to draft your post-trial motions and oppositions:

  • We will thoroughly analyze your case to find every legal basis for your position, while helping setting you up for success on appeal, if you find yourself in an appellate court.
  • We bring an appellate perspective to post-trial motions and understand what must be included to preserve your clients’ appellate rights.
  • We have achieved successful outcomes on a wide variety of appellate cases in Los Angeles and have drafted successful oppositions and post-trial motions that have helped our clients avoid having to appeal
  • Gusdorff Law also offers consulting services to trial attorneys on law & motion matters.

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Finding a reliable appellate lawyer in Los Angeles is no easy task with dozens of such law firms operating in the region. You should do the homework properly before selecting the best candidate for the job.

Gusdorff Law is your trusted partner in Los Angeles, California for all your appellate litigation needs.

Gusdorff Law will fight fiercely for the rights of its clients by protecting them through each crucial step of the appellate process. Call Gusdorff Law in Los Angeles, CA at 818-877-4515 to learn what appeals options may be available in your case!