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Appellate Specialist Janet R. Gusdorff, Esq. Offers Expert Commentary to NYT on President Trump’s Court Battle

Highlighting the Delicate Balance Lawyers Face in High-Profile Trials, Gusdorff Sheds Light on Strategy and Public Perception Dynamics Employed by Trump Team

Los Angeles, CA – 10/6/2023 – Janet R. Gusdorff, Esq., a renowned Certified Appellate Specialist recognized by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, has recently been spotlighted for her expert insights into legal strategies used in nationally recognized litigation.

In the midst of highly publicized legal battles, professionals and media outlets like The New York Times seek voices of authority and clarity. Janet Gusdorff, Esq., leading the GUSDORFF LAW, P.C., stands out as a beacon of expertise, recently sharing her views on the tactics and strategies employed by legal teams in high-stakes trials.

Key Highlights:

Certified Expertise in Action: As a Certified Appellate Specialist, Janet Gusdorff, Esq. lent her voice to dissect the legal strategies employed in the recent Trump litigation. Drawing from her deep well of expertise, she commented on the challenges lawyers face, especially in high-profile cases.

Nationally Recognized Commentary: Janet Gusdorff, Esq. provided insight into why the Trump team might be reiterating arguments already dismissed by Justice Engoron. She noted, “Trump’s lawyers, in trying to keep their client happy, may find themselves wedged between the requirement that they preserve all of their client’s potential arguments for an eventual appeal and the likelihood of incurring additional sanctions for continuing to make similar unsuccessful and potentially frivolous arguments.”

On Public Perception and Legal Strategy: Delving deeper into the overarching strategy, Janet Gusdorff, Esq. posited that undermining public trust in the judiciary might be part of the game. She remarked, “Causing people to lose confidence in the judiciary may be precisely what Trump is banking on, to minimize the effects of the lawsuit and increase voter support for his 2024 presidential bid.”

About Janet R. Gusdorff, Esq.:

As the driving force behind GUSDORFF LAW, P.C., Janet Gusdorff, Esq. has dedicated her career to providing top-tier legal counsel and representation in appellate matters. Her certification from the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization underscores her commitment and expertise in the field.

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