San Francisco Appellate Litigation

Being in a situation where it is time to make an appeal can be challenging.

You will want to figure out the right strategy to win the appeal and it all starts with a competent law firm. At Gusdorff Law, we are well-equipped to handle San Francisco appellate litigation and will ensure you are treated with respect during the process.

This includes maintaining an open line of communication, setting high standards, and following the appellate regulations to a tee.

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What Is Appellate Law?

Appellate law refers to specific regulations in place for handling appeals. It’s designed to handle any case that has gone through the judicial system and is now being appealed due to its verdict.

Each person is going to have the opportunity to appeal their case legally. This is essential to make sure the right decision is made and it has been assessed by multiple legal parties.

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How Is an Appellate Lawyer Different from a Trial Lawyer?

Choosing a good appellate lawyer is essential because of the regulations in place. Dealing with an appeal is far different from a trial.

It requires a good understanding of appellate litigation and all that comes along with it.

A competent lawyer from Gusdorff Law will be ready to help. We deal with appeals all the time and have the legal resources to ensure you receive appropriate representation during the process.

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What Can Be Appealed?

It’s common to wonder about the appeals process and what it is going to involve.

You can appeal any type of verdict that has come through the judicial system. There will be a set deadline in place for when the appeal has to be made and getting the brief in is a must.

You will have to consult with a legal professional to go through these details and we are ready to help at Gusdorff Law.

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What Functions of the Appellate Process Does Gusdorff Law Handle?

Gusdorff Law specializes in appellate litigation. When you work with us, we’ll take a personalized approach to your case and provide you with the services and support you need. Whether you want to challenge or protect a judgement, our law firm will handle all steps of the appellate process, including:


This refers to the initial reasoning that is going to be given to the court for your appeal. It’s essential to list your facts associated with the appeal and why the court needs to go through the details again.

If you don’t have a robust brief, it’s possible the appeal is not going to go through at all. The judge might decide it is not worth the court’s time and will decline it. This is why getting the brief right is a must before and during the appeals process.

Writ of Petition

This is an official document that is given from a higher court to a lower one. The reasoning behind this is to state the lower court has to cease what it is doing regarding a specific case. This might be used depending on the case details and how they are going to be challenged in the court of law.

It’s possible for there to be different reasons for why a writ of petition is used. This is why this official document needs to be processed as soon as possible once the decision is made.

Oral Arguments

When you give a brief during the appeals process, it will highlight your point of view regarding the verdict. This will look at the facts and all of the other points you are hoping to make as a way to overturn the existing verdict.

When this brief is put together, you will have to make an oral argument in front of the judge. This is designed to highlight what your points are along with providing additional reasoning to strengthen the appeal.

This is why it is highly recommended to bring a good law firm on board to help with the legal process. This will ensure the oral argument is a good one.

San Francisco appellate litigation judge gavel and law book

Petition for Review

Litigants looking to have an appellate court’s decision reviewed by the Supreme Court are required to file a petition for review. This will look at all of the reasons why this needs to happen and why the higher court should be looking at the case from a different perspective. It’s essential to go through all of this information and make sure the right points are noted within the petition.

Pre-Trial Motions

Before the trial begins, there will be a pre-trial to test the legitimacy of the claim. This is the only way the judge is going to move forward with the appeal and set a date for the trial. In general, this is when a pre-trial motion is going to be established with the court.

The goal of a pre-trial motion is to get the case dismissed and/or make sure certain facts are kept out of the appeals process. This will be up to the judge as to what they want to move forward with. In some cases, specific documents will be struck from the appeals process and cannot be used as evidence.

Trial/Post-Trial Motions

This is the heart of the appeals process and is going to be when you make all of your arguments as a client. The goal is to showcase what was written in the brief and highlight what your options are as a client. You have to make sure the right measures are taken to overturn the existing verdict.

This includes presenting an oral argument to highlight the main points of the brief that was put together. It is common for this trial to involve multiple steps and they need to be handled by a trusted lawyer.

Trial and Appellate Mediation Briefing and Representation

There are situations where a mediator is going to be used to help with the appeals process. The goal of the mediator is to make sure both sides are made aware of potential options.

This will include a complete briefing of what the mediation involves and how it is going to be resolved. There is usually a chief mediator that is going to sit to observe the process and make sure everyone is aware of what is going on.

It is highly recommended for a trusted lawyer to be involved in the process. This is where Gusdorff Law can be useful for your situation.

Opposition to Motions for Summary Judgement

A motion for summary judgement is put in front of the court to get a decision before the legal proceedings. This can happen when one party believes there is enough information for a decision to be made based on readily available information.

The judge is then going to have the opportunity to go through these details and figure out what is best for the judicial system.

This is common practice during these proceedings and the judge will go through all relevant details becoming coming up with a decision. We can help you oppose a motion for summary judgement.

What Types of Appeals Does Gusdorff Law Handle?

It is essential to know there are different types of appeals and you will want a certified San Francisco appellate litigation lawyer to help out during the process.

If you don’t take the time to find the right law firm, it’s possible to end up with inferior results.

The types of appeals include:

If you are dealing with one of these cases, it is best to reach out to Gusdorff Law. We are a trusted law firm that has helped hundreds of clients in San Francisco with their appeals.

We are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and committed to helping all clients.

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Contact an Experienced San Francisco Appellate Litigation Attorney

Appellate litigation is often mistaken as trial defense, which is a different form of law. It is essential to understand the intricacies associated with appeals and why it’s important to have them handled by an experienced lawyer.

At Gusdorff Law, we are a trusted law firm that is all about setting high standards. We realize you are going to want state-of-the-art results and it is our knowledge that will ensure it happens.

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Appealing your case the right way is a must and we can offer a completely legal strategy to ensure the results are in your favor. Choosing the right law firm will make a real difference.